Install Visual Studio Code (VS Code) on ArcoLinux

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a powerful, lightweight, and cross-platform source code editor.

ArcoLinux is a rolling release Linux distribution based on Arch Linux.


  • ArcoLinux was installed using the ArcoLinuxL ISO with the easy installation option.
  • The examples shown in this article were performed using Xfce Terminal.
  • ArcoLinux was fully updated using the sudo pacman -Syu command.


You could use the pacman or paru command. I chose to use the pamac command. Pamac is Manjaro's package manager and has intuitive parameter names. For examples of using the pacman and paru commands, see my "Install PowerShell on ArcoLinux" blog article.

You use the --help or -h parameter to determine the syntax of the pamac command:

1pamac --help


To search for packages, you use the search parameter:

1pamac search vscode


The info parameter provides you with more information about a package:

1pamac info visual-studio-code-bin


You use the install parameter to install packages. The following example installs Visual Studio Code:

1sudo pamac install visual-studio-code-bin


You’ve successfully installed Visual Studio Code. I enabled settings sync from within Visual Studio Code. It automatically installed all of my extensions including the PowerShell extension. I ran a few commands to show Visual Studio Code is indeed running on ArcoLinux:

1Get-Content -Path /etc/os-release
2lsb_release -a
3uname -r