Regular Expressions

Extract the Name from an Active Directory Distinguished Name with PowerShell and a Regular Expression

This is actually something I had a small blurb about in my previous blog article, but I wanted to go back, revisit it, and write a dedicated blog article about it. Sometimes there are properties in Active Directory like the one in the following example where the Manager property is being returned as a distinguished name and what you really wanted was just their name (in human readable format): Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase 'OU=Northwind Users,OU=Users,OU=Test,DC=mikefrobbins,DC=com' -Properties Manager, Title | Format-Table -Property Name, Title, Manager -AutoSize You could write a complicated function or script to query Active Directory for the Managers information and create a custom object to return both the actual users information and the managers information, but if you simply want the name of the manager (in this example), it’s much easier to use the substring method or a regular expression.