Free eBook on PowerShell Advanced Functions

Recently, a team of independent bloggers who are active in the PowerShell community teamed up to bring you a series of blog articles on advanced functions via an experiment called PowerShell blog week. Those blog articles have now been complied into a free eBook and are downloadable in all of the popular eBook formats. A zip file containing the PDF, MOBI, EPUB, and AZW3 formats can be downloaded from here.

PowerShell Advanced Functions: Can we build them better? With parameter validation, yes we can!

This blog article is the second in a series of blog articles that is being written on PowerShell advanced functions for PowerShell blogging week. If you haven’t already read the first article in this series: Standard and Advanced PowerShell functions written by PowerShell MVP Francois-Xavier Cat I recommend reading it also. What is parameter validation? In PowerShell, parameter validation is the automated testing to validate the accuracy of parameter values passed to a command.

The mother of all PowerShell blogs week is coming next week!

Next week, beginning on Monday March 30th, a group of PowerShell MVP’s and/or enthusiasts who write PowerShell related blog articles on a consistent basis will team up to publish a week long series of blog articles on their sites or the site where they blog at. This isn’t a spoiler alert so I’m pleading the fifth when it comes to the details of those blog articles, but based on what the team has already made public, I can tell you that they’re all on one central topic and that topic is PowerShell advanced functions.