Get Started with PowerShell for Amazon Web Services

I recently had a guest blog article published on the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog site on how to “Get-Started with PowerShell for Amazon Web Services”. As referenced in that blog article, the custom PowerShell script module that I wrote for managing AWS storage gateway snapshots can be downloaded from GitHub. If you found that guest blog article interesting, I have another blog article that I’ve written on “Filtering by StartTime with the AWS PowerShell Cmdlets” that you might also be interested in reading.

Filtering by StartTime with the AWS PowerShell Cmdlets

I was recently trying to figure out how to return an AWS Storage Gateway snapshot by providing a value for the StartTime property and it wasn’t easy to say the least so I thought I would share my experience to save others the headache of figuring it out. Most of the tutorials you’ll find online show filtering something similar to this: $filter1 = New-Object Amazon.EC2.Model.Filter $filter1.Name = 'volume-id' $filter1.Value.Add('myvolumeid') $filter2 = New-Object Amazon.