Training Videos

Video: Demystifying Active Directory User Account Lockouts with PowerShell

A few months ago I created an audition video for Pluralsight on “Demystifying Active Directory User Account Lockouts with PowerShell” and I thought I would share that video with you, the readers of my blog site: You can also find this video on my YouTube channel. µ

Video & Presentation Materials: September 2015 Advanced Functions TechSession Webinar

Last week I presented a session titled The Top 10 Considerations When Writing PowerShell Advanced Functions for the September 2015 TechSession Webinar. The video from that presentation is now available: I received a question during the presentation about how to determine what the type accelerators are and the answer to that question can be found in this Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog article (thanks to Nicholas Getchell for the link to that article).