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Renewed as a SAPIEN Technologies MVP for another year!

. They offer a 45 day evaluation for each of their products so you can try them out before you buy them. They also have forums where you can find assistance with not only their products but general PowerShell questions as well. If you’re looking for assistance with their products, that’s definitely the best place to post your questions."I received notification earlier this week that I’ve been renewed for another year (2017) as a SAPIEN Technologies MVP.

Learn to Query WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) from PowerShell with SAPIEN WMI Explorer 2016

One of the reasons I like mentoring others and teaching them how to use PowerShell is that I spent the first third of my career pointing and clicking in the GUI. Before PowerShell was released, I had taken a three day MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) course on VBScript and two more days on WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). I wrote a few VBScripts over the years but never really had a desire to learn it like I have PowerShell.

Write a GUI on Top of Existing PowerShell Functions with SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2016

This blog article will demonstrate how to write a GUI on top of your existing PowerShell functions using SAPIEN PowerShell Studio 2016. I’ve previously written a couple of functions for managing SQL Server agent jobs. These two functions, Get-MrSqlAgentJobStatus and Start-MrSqlAgentJob can be found in my SQL repository on GitHub. Launch PowerShell Studio. Select file, the arrow next to new, and new form: ](/images/2016/11/sqlagent-gui1a.pngsqlagent-gui1a) For this particular GUI, I’ll select the “Dialog Style Template” since I want a fixed border without any minimize or maximize buttons:

Announcing the Winner of the PowerShell TFM Book Contest

Two weeks ago, I started a PowerShell contest which required the participants to convert a string of text to title case. I didn’t specifically say title case but I explained that the first letter of each word should be converted to upper case and all remaining letters in each word should be converted to lower case. This was because a search on how to convert to title case with PowerShell gave away a good portion of the answer.

Windows PowerShell TFM Book Contest and Giveaway

](/images/2014/12/powershell-tfm4_cover150.jpgpowershell-tfm4_cover150)Today is the first day of Autumnalso known as fall here in North America and it’s my favorite time of the year. If nothing else, you’ve got to love the cooler weather and the changing of tree leaf colors. Last fall, a new version of the Windows PowerShell TFMbook that I co-authored along with Jason Helmickwas published and strangely enough, its design is remarkably similar to the colors that are associated with Autumn.

Awarded the SAPIEN MVP Award by SAPIEN Technologies, Inc

I received notification earlier this week that I’ve been awarded the SAPIEN MVP awardfor 2015 by SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. ](/images/2015/01/sapien_mvp.pngsapien_mvp)As many of you know, I co-authored SAPIEN’s Windows PowerShell TFM 4th Editionwhich is one of the few books on the market that covers PowerShell version 4. ](/images/2014/10/tfm4-640x480-1.jpgtfm4-640x480)I was one of the beta testers for PowerShell Studio 2014. Since I had early access to the product, it only made sense to write a chapter about that product in the new Windows PowerShell TFMbook.