PowerShellGet: The BIG EASY way to discover, install, and update PowerShell modules

On Tuesday of this week, I presented a session at the PowerShell Summit North America 2015with the same title as this blog article. The video of my session is now available on PowerShell.org’s YouTube channel: [youtube=https://youtu.be/C-kL_6556XQ] The code and slides from the presentation can be downloaded from here. µ

PowerShellGet Session at the PowerShell Summit NA 2015

The PowerShell Summit North America 2015is next week! I’ll be presenting a session on PowerShellGetat 2:30pm on Tuesday, April 21st in the room named Kilimanjaro. The official title for my session is: _PowerShellGet: The BIG EASY way to discover, install, and update PowerShell modules _ ][1] The abstract (or synopsis) for my session will give you a little information about what I plan to cover during the presentation:[ ][1] What process do you currently have in place for sharing PowerShell modules within your organization?

Error when Using PowerShellGet Find-Module or Install-Module with the Name Parameter and a Local NuGet Repository

If you’re following me on Twitterthen you probably know that I’ve been working a lot with the new features in PowerShell version 5, with my focus being on the cmdlets in the OneGet and PowerShellGet modules. I’ve been fighting an issue where an error is received when the Name parameter is specified with Find-Module or Install-Module when using a local NuGet Repository: Find-PSGetExtModule : Module ‘Pscx’ was not found in the Gallery.