How many Services does Microsoft Azure Offer?

I’ve recently wondered how many service offerings Azure has. I’ve read anywhere from 150 to 600 and I even went so far as to ask an Azure Product Manager but still didn’t receive a clear answer. What I did find out is that Microsoft maintains an Azure services directory on their Azure products website.

I figured that was a good place to start looking and while the website is informative, it didn’t provide a count of the service offerings. Manually counting them wouldn’t be an efficient or accurate way of accomplishing the task of determining how many services are offered so I decided to use PowerShell for the task.

First, if you’re prototyping a command, it’s best to store the results in a variable and work with the variable. If I heard Ed Wilson, The Scripting Guy (retired) say it one time, I’ve heard him say it a thousand times: “If you’re going to eat an elephant, only eat it once.”

I queried the previous referenced website and stored the results in a variable. Then I determined what the properties were and took a look at the type of data each property returned.

The Links property looked promising and with a little filtering, I was able to return a list of the services.

So far, it appears that 243 Azure services are listed on the webpage.

What I started noticing though is there are numerous services listed more than once in different categories.

I decided to sort the results uniquely by their relative URL (href) and their name (data-event-property).

And finally for a unique count of the Azure services listed on the webpage.

There are 169 unique Azure services listed on the Azure products webpage as of the writing of this blog article.


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