PowerShell Function to Determine the Active Directory FSMO Role Holders via the .NET Framework

Last week I posted a PowerShell function to determine what Active Directory domain controllers held the FSMO roles for one or more domains and forests. That particular function used the Get-ADDomain and Get-ADForest cmdlets which are part of the Active Directory PowerShell module. As it so happens, a friend of mine, Shay Levy who is a PowerShell MVP posted an article on PowerShell Magazine that uses a couple of one liners that use the .NET Framework to return the FSMO role holders.

I’m not a .NET guy, but this started me thinking that there was probably a way with the .NET Framework to figure out where the FSMO roles were based on a given domain instead of the current one.

I decided to retro-fit my function to use the .NET Framework Class that Shay was using, but I figured out a different static method (I think that’s what it’s called, but correct me if I’m wrong). This other static method would indeed return the FSMO role holders based on a given domain name.

This script can be downloaded from the TechNet Script Repository.


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  1. Wojtek

    please tell me what is differents between Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADForest (get-adforest) and system.directoryservices.activedirectory.forest ?


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