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Get Started with PowerShell for Amazon Web Services

I recently had a guest blog article published on the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog site on how to "Get-Started with PowerShell for Amazon Web Services". As referenced in that blog article, the custom PowerShell script module that I wrote for managing AWS storage gateway snapshots can be downloaded from GitHub. If you found that guest blog article interesting, I have another blog article that I've written on "Filtering by StartTime with the AWS PowerShell Cmdlets" that you might also be interested Read more [...]

Filtering by StartTime with the AWS PowerShell Cmdlets

I was recently trying to figure out how to return an AWS Storage Gateway snapshot by providing a value for the StartTime property and it wasn't easy to say the least so I thought I would share my experience to save others the headache of figuring it out. Most of the tutorials you'll find online show filtering something similar to this: You could also use multiple hash tables as shown in the following example: Viewing Read more [...]