Exchange Server 2007

Creating a Shared Mailbox in Exchange 2007

Open Exchange Management Shell and execute the New-Mailbox cmdlet using the following example as a template: New-Mailbox -Alias MySharedMailbox -Name 'My Shared Mailbox' -Database 'MAIL1\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database' -OrganizationalUnit 'mikefrobbins.demo/My OU/Users/Mailbox' -Shared -UserPrincipalName mysharedmailbox@mikefrobbins.demo The following cmdlet assigns full access for the mailbox to a group in Active Directory named “My Shared Mailbox Admins” which needs to exist in AD prior to executing this command: Get-Mailbox -Identity 'My Shared Mailbox' | Add-MailboxPermission -User 'My Shared Mailbox Admins' -AccessRights FullAccess This cmdlet allows members of the “My Shared Mailbox Admins” group in Active Directory to be able to send email from the “mysharedmailbox@mikefrobbins.