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The PowerShell Conference Book – It’s a Wrap!

First, I'd recommend reading my blog article "Announcing the PowerShell Conference Book" if you haven't. In early May of this year (2018), I came up with the idea of what would become "The PowerShell Conference Book". On the evening of May 6th, I sent an email to Don Jones and Jeff Hicks asking what they thought and if they'd be interested in writing a chapter in the book. The next morning, I'd received positive responses from both of them, confirming that they would be interested in participating. Leanpub Read more [...]

The PowerShell Conference Book is the Featured Book and the Number 1 Best Seller on Leanpub

By now, I'm sure you've heard about The PowerShell Conference Book. If not, see my previous blog article. The PowerShell Conference Book is currently the featured book on Leanpub. It's also the number one best seller on Leanpub. And the top book on Leanpub. The book was published last Friday, July 6th with nine of the thirty-three chapters and we've added an additional six chapters since then. I would like to thank everyone who has purchased the book so far. If you have a Read more [...]

Announcing the PowerShell Conference Book

A couple of months ago, I saw a tweet from Don Jones about how much it costs to sponsor one person for the OnRamp Scholarship Program. I replied wanting to know if the DevOps Collective had considered becoming part of the "Leanpub for Causes" program so that portions of an author's royalties could be donated to the program. My initial thought was that I could donate a portion of the royalties from my PowerShell 101 book to the program. A few days later Don copied me in a tweet saying he had Read more [...]