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My Approach to the 2012 PowerShell Scripting Games Beginner Event #1

The details of the event scenario and the design points for Beginner Event #1 of the 2012 PowerShell Scripting Games can be found on the “Hey, Scripting Guys! Blog”. Listed below are my notes about the requirements and design points: Computers run Windows 7 and servers run Windows 2008 R2. They’re all in one domain. PowerShell remoting is enabled on all computers (both servers and desktops). Use PowerShell to retrieve the top ten processes based on the memory working set. There’s no Read more [...]

Game On! The 2012 PowerShell Scripting Games

Since this is my first year entering the PowerShell Scripting Games, I’m only submitting scripts for the beginner events but I’m also taking a look at the advanced ones to get an idea of what kind of knowledge is needed for them. It’s not too late to join in on the fun. Make sure you read the requirements of each event carefully, create your script, test it, and think about it for a while before submitting it. I had four stars on the first Beginner Event: Another judge must have given me Read more [...]