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Updating the Firmware on an EqualLogic PS4000XV SAN

This blog will walk you through the steps of updating the firmware on an EqualLogic PS4000XV SAN (Storage Area Network) from version 4.3.0 to version 5.0.2. Plan the Update This process requires that the SAN be restarted so I recommend scheduling it outside of production hours or as scheduled downtime if you work in a 24/7 environment. I also recommend gracefully shutting down any servers that have data on the SAN since you would otherwise be ripping the drives out from underneath those servers. Login Read more [...]

Multipath I/O Installation on Windows 2008 R2 Server Core

To determine if the Multipath I/O feature has been installed, login to your core server and run oclist.exe: If you already know the name of the feature or role your looking for, you can save yourself some time by piping the output of the oclist.exe command to the find.exe command. The /I parameter makes the search case insensitive. To install the MultipathI/O feature, run “start/w ocsetup.exe MultipathIo”. The name of the feature is case sensitive. Running Start/W in front of the “OCSetup.exe” Read more [...]

iSCSI Initiator Configuration on Windows 2008 R2 Server Core

This blog will guide you through the necessary steps of connecting the iSCSI initiator on Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Core to an iSCSI target or volume on a Storage Area Network. I prefer server core for the host operating system on my Hyper-V virtualization servers, but some things such as the iSCSI Initiator settings are easier to configure through a GUI. Luckily Microsoft has included the iSCSI Initiator control panel applet as part of R2. Log into your server and launch iscsicpl.exe. The Read more [...]

Dell EqualLogic PS4000 – Creating a Volume

You've followed the steps in my "Initial Configuration of a Dell EqualLogic PS4000 SAN" blog and now your ready to start carving up the disk space on your new Storage Area Network. Open Internet Explorer and browse to the management IP Address you assigned to your SAN group. Login with the “grpadmin” account when prompted. On the initial screen, underneath “Activities”, click “Create Volume”: Enter a meaningful name and description that follows your company's naming convention: Enter Read more [...]

Initial Configuration of a Dell EqualLogic PS4000XV SAN

Unpack your new Dell EqualLogic PS4000 Storage Area Network, install it in the server rack, and cable it up. A dedicated iSCSI network that is totally separate from your normal network is required. Depending on your existing environment, you could create a separate VLAN on existing gigabit Ethernet switches to separate the iSCSI traffic from normal network traffic or you could purchase two dedicated gigabit Ethernet switches and place them in a stacked configuration or connect them via a crossover Read more [...]

Dell EqualLogic PS4000XV Storage Area Network

One of my customers recently purchased a Dell EqualLogic PS4000XV Storage Area Network (SAN). Here are some pictures of the unit. Front of the Unit. Sixteen 3.5" Hard Drives in 3U of space: Back of the Unit. Dual Power Supplies and Controllers: 9.6Tb of Storage via sixteen 600Gb 15K SAS Hard Drives: Front of the controller card: Back of the controller card: Power Supply: Power Supply Fans: This seems to be a very cool piece of hardware for the SMB sector. I plan to write additional Read more [...]