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PowerShell: Output the Result of a Command and Assign it to a Variable in One Line

As of today, there is one month left until the PowerShell Summit North America 2014. I tweeted something out last night and thought I would write a quick blog about it since I often find myself looking for a tweet months later when I can't remember how I did something that I previously tweeted out. This tweet used all 140 characters that twitter allows: This portion of the command is assigned to a variable named $i (technically it's assigned to a variable Read more [...]

Two Months Until the PowerShell Summit North America 2014

There are only two months left until the PowerShell Summit North America 2014. The tickets for the 2013 PowerShell Summit sold out before the end of 2012 and a lot of people missed out on an awesome opportunity because they didn't act quickly enough. Well, this year they've expanded the capacity by moving it to a different location in Seattle and the tickets were sold in stages. So what are you waiting for? If you're planning to attend, you better hurry up and purchase your ticket before you miss Read more [...]

PowerShell Summit North America 2013 Apparel & Gift Store

I thought I would share the "unboxing experience" of my PowerShell Summit North America 2013 T-Shirt. The T-Shirt arrived in about a week with the economy shipping choice. It arrived in a mail type bag as shown below. The shirt was folded and had what I would call a brown paper ribbon around it with a cafe press sticker and a thank you card with my receipt in it: The color I chose was charcoal. The size is an X-Large which is what I normally purchase. No complaints about the size or color, Read more [...]