Windows XP

Startup Items with Unicode Filenames on Windows XP

Several end user personal computers that I’ve looked at recently have had some strange file names showing up in their startup routine. Here’s a look at what Msconfig showed: Attempting to disable these two entries via MSConfig generates an access denied error. The normal spyware programs that I run haven’t been able to detect these items either. The only way I’ve found to disable them is via the registry: µ

How to create an Administrative shortcut.

As most systems administrators know, you should log into your computer as a normal domain user who does not have elevated privileges in your Active Directory domain and only run administrative programs with elevated privileges when necessary. You could hold down shift, right click the shortcut, and select “Run as different user” to run a program as a user who has elevated privileges in your Active Directory domain, but there’s an easier, more efficient way to run programs that always require elevated privileges.