Enough blog articles to read one a day for an entire year!

This blog article today represents a milestone on this blog site as it’s blog article number 365. That means you could read one blog article on this site per day and it would take you an entire year to read all of the articles that are published on this site. I started blogging on this site back in 2009 which was approximately 6 years ago. You’ll notice that I have twelve blog articles from September of 2009, but I actually started blogging earlier that year and copy/pasted many of those first twelve blog articles from another blog site of mine that I had started earlier that year.

How to change the IP Address on SCO Unix

One of my customers re-addressed their entire internal network to a new ip-address range to allow for future growth and DHCP server redundancy. They have a legacy Unix machine sitting in the corner that no one knows anything about, but they still need to access it for legacy data. I’m not a Unix guy so there may be easier ways to do this, but here’s how I changed the ip-address: