Moving my Enterprise Grade Network Equipment to a New Home

My family has been out of town this week. Light bulb moment! It’s the perfect time to cut holes in sheetrock and drill holes in ceilings to install my home network gear. When we moved a couple of months ago, I literally threw the network equipment in a closet. I used the same equipment from my previous home except for a new cable modem. Specifically, the Motorola MB8600 which is gigabit capable since I now have gigabit Internet service.

Deploy an Enterprise Grade Network in the Home for Less than $500

Last month I decided to embark on a networking project to rid my home of poor connectivity. I tweeted out asking about the benefits of Cat 6 cable since I already owned enough Cat 5e to complete the entire project. The primary benefit of Cat 6 cable for a home environment seems to be future proofing since Cat 5e is perfectly capable of Gigabit. Ultimately, the free Cat 5e cable won out because it left more money in the budget for new networking equipment.