Castelle FaxPress

Unable to Print Incoming Faxes on FaxPress

I recently received a call from a customer who has an older Castelle FaxPress 5000. They reported that their incoming faxes were no longer printing automatically even though they were receiving faxes in the “Unaddressed Faxes” queue in Faxmain. To check the settings for automatically printing incoming faxes, open Faxmain, expand the tree, right click on the “Unaddressed Faxes” folder and select properties: Verify the “Print Incoming Fax” checkbox is checked on the “Incoming Faxes” tab:

Unable to connect to a Castelle FaxPress 5000 – Solid Red Alarm

You are no longer able to communicate with your Castelle FaxPress 5000 device. The red light is on solid and the green light is off. Whether this is a new installation, you’ve moved the back-end portion of the software to a new server, or nothing has changed that you’re aware or, here is a major pitfall that you may want to look into before scrapping the device and looking for an alternative solution.

Using HP MFP Digital Sending Software 4.x with a Castelle FaxPress

Problem: Your Castelle FaxPress will not send faxes created with a HP Digital Sender using the HP MFP Digital Sending Software 4.x (DSS). The 4.x version of the HP MFP Digital Sending Software defaults to long filenames when setting it up for use with a fax product. A Castelle FaxPress does not support long file names and will not pick up the fax files even though everything else is set up correctly.