PowerShell + SQL Server = Better Together Presentation at SQL Saturday Birmingham on Saturday, July 27th

I’ll be presenting “PowerShell + SQL Server = Better Together” at SQL Saturday #899 in Birmingham Alabama this Saturday, July 27th. The event is free, although you need to register (some SQL Saturday’s charge a small optional fee for lunch).

Here’s a little information about what you can expect from my session:

PowerShell + SQL Server = Better Together
As a SQL Server professional, are you able to make a rhyme or reason to this thing called PowerShell? Need to accomplish something? Do you use Windows PowerShell or PowerShell Core? How will you interface with PowerShell? With the PowerShell console, ISE, VSCode, SAPIEN PowerShell Studio, or something else? Will you use Cmdlets from one of the various SQL related PowerShell modules? If so, which one? SQLPS, SQLServer, DBATools, etc. Or maybe you should use the SQL PS provider? What about SMO? Or write your own custom .NET code that can be executed with PowerShell? With it being so difficult to determine how to go about running something in PowerShell, it’s no wonder that most people resort to searching the Internet to figure it out. The sad thing is that most of the PowerShell code you’ll find on the Internet is less than optimal to say the least. I’ll demonstrate how and when to use different approaches along with adhering to the community’s best practices for writing PowerShell code.

My presentation begins at 9:40am in room 269 of Cooney Hall at the Brock School of Business, Samford University, 840 Montague Dr, Birmingham Alabama 35229. Be sure to check the event schedule for any changes to the schedule or location.

The PowerShell code used during my demonstrations and the slide deck from my session will be uploaded to my presentations repository on GitHub.

I hope to see you there!


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