Finish the year off helping others in the PowerShell Community

If you follow my blog, then I’m sure you’re aware that earlier this year I embarked on a project to help others get started with PowerShell. I leveraged the contacts I’d made over the years in the PowerShell community and created a book with many of them, named “The PowerShell Conference Book“. We all donated our time as 100% of the royalties go towards funding scholarships for the OnRamp track at the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit.

So far, we’ve fully funded three scholarships ($4,000 each). Any additional money will be rolled forward for future years. At this point, we’re 12 copies away from fully funding another scholarship at the book’s minimum sale price on Leanpub. Help us help others by purchasing one of these twelve copies of The PowerShell Conference Book.

I would like thank everyone who participated by either donating their time or purchasing a copy.


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