PowerShell Saturday Chattanooga Post-Mortem

PowerShell Saturday Chattanooga was this past weekend. I attended the all-day preconference presented by Jeff Hicks on Friday which saw a great turn out of about 50 people or so.

I presented two 45-minute sessions as part of the Saturday event. One on “Writing award winning PowerShell functions and script modules” and another on “Recreate MOF based DSC resources as Class based DSC resources“. The code and slide decks from both of my presentations can be found in my presentations repo on GitHub. The organizers of the event have also setup a repo on GitHub where you can find the presentation materials for all of the other sessions.

While it’s all too common to hear people in the industry have all types of excuses why they can’t attend training, typically it ends up being something to the effect that their employer won’t send them. I had already expended my portion of the training budget at work for the year so I decided to take a day and a half of vacation and pay for all of my expenses out of pocket. I figure that it’s just part of being in this career field. If you want to keep yourself up to date and marketable, you’ve got to be willing to put some skin in the game.

I was able to meetup with several of the organizers, speakers, and attendees on Thursday evening for dinner at Scotties on the River which just happened to be adjacent to the hotel I was staying at (how convenient).

We had a lengthy chat after dinner. The networking opportunities at these types of events are priceless.

The precon was top notch. What else would you expect from Jeff Hicks?

The speaker dinner on Friday evening was held at The Blue Plate. The buttermilk fried chicken was to die for.

Both of my sessions were well received.

I even had a chance to catch up with all of the editors and several of the authors from The PowerShell Conference Book.

Mick Pletcher, one of the hosts from The PowerShell News Podcast interviewed us (the book editors) during the lunch break so be on the lookout for it on an upcoming episode.

Based on the number of attendees, how smooth everything went, and the level of professionalism of the event, you wouldn’t have thought that this was the first time they’d held one of the events. Congratulations to the organizers on such a successful event!


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