The PowerShell Conference Book is the Featured Book and the Number 1 Best Seller on Leanpub

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about The PowerShell Conference Book. If not, see my previous blog article.

The PowerShell Conference Book is currently the featured book on Leanpub.

It’s also the number one best seller on Leanpub.

And the top book on Leanpub.

The book was published last Friday, July 6th with nine of the thirty-three chapters and we’ve added an additional six chapters since then. I would like to thank everyone who has purchased the book so far. If you have a question, comment, or feedback about the book, please provide it via the “Join the Forum” or “Email the Authors” link on the book’s webpage.

All (100%) of the royalties from “The PowerShell Conference Book” are automatically donated to the OnRamp Scholarship program through the “Leanpub for Causes” program.


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