Announcing the PowerShell Conference Book

A couple of months ago, I saw a tweet from Don Jones about how much it costs to sponsor one person for the OnRamp Scholarship Program. I replied wanting to know if the DevOps Collective had considered becoming part of the “Leanpub for Causes” program so that portions of an author’s royalties could be donated to the program.

My initial thought was that I could donate a portion of the royalties from my PowerShell 101 book to the program. A few days later Don copied me in a tweet saying he had made it so.

I designated a small portion of all future royalties for my PowerShell 101 book to the program, but I wanted to do more. How could one person make a difference when it costs so much to sponsor someone? Never underestimate the power of an individual. Similarly to using PowerShell one-to-many or fan-out remoting, I decided to use the connections I’d made over the years to recruit as many PowerShell experts in the industry to become a force multiplier. We would create a new book dedicated solely to supporting the OnRamp Scholarship Program. Each contributor would be asked to write one chapter that’s completely independent of the others so that it’s designed to be like a conference in a book. Needless to say, we had an enormous amount of interest and participation in this project. I’m proud to say that this became our project, not my project.

All (100%) of the royalties from “The PowerShell Conference Book” are automatically donated to the OnRamp Scholarship program through the “Leanpub for Causes” program.

Not only are you purchasing a book written by over thirty highly sought-after experts in the industry, but you’re also supporting a great cause that helps bootstrap others into this industry. Download the free sample version of the book to learn more or just go ahead and purchase it. This is a win, win situation for everyone!

Last but not least, I would like to personally thank all of the contributors who donated their time and expertise: Emin Atac, Graham Beer, Brian Bunke, Tim Curwick, Luc Dekens, Doug Finke, Tore Groneng, Patrick Gruenauer, Jeff Hicks, Don Jones, Mike Kanakos, Wesley Kirkland, Mark Kraus, Thomas Lee, Michael T. Lombardi, Tommy Maynard, Jeremy Murrah, Adam Murray, Anthony E. Nocentino, Brandon Olin, James Petty, Rob Pleau, Thomas Rayner, Thom Schumacher, Rob Sewell, Mike Shepard, Justin Sider, Prateek Singh, Irwin Strachan, Tim Warner, Friedrich “Fred” Weinmann, and Mark Wragg. This project would not have been possible without all of their hard work, dedication, and commitment to produce a book with top-notch PowerShell content that rivals any book on the market.

Also, a special thank you to the editors: Jeff Hicks, Michael T. Lombardi, and anyone else who helped review and edit chapters. This project wouldn’t be where it is today without all your hard work.

While I’m a contributor and editor, I intentionally left myself out of both of the previously mentioned lists. Keep this in mind if you happen to copy information from this blog article for acknowledgement purposes.


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