Configuring “Send As” Permission in Office 365 using PowerShell

You’re the administrator of an on-premises Exchange Server 2010 environment that’s in Hybrid mode. After migrating a few users to Office 365, you start receiving complaints that they’re no longer able to send emails as their departments group.

First, follow the instructions in one of my previous blog articles to “Connect to Office 365 using PowerShell“.

The following command grants John Doe the ability to send as the Facility Services group in Office 365.

It’s also possible to grant the user the ability to send on behalf of the group. More information about granting Office 365 users the ability to “Send As” and “Send on Behalf” of Office 365 groups can be found in the Microsoft support article “Allow members to send as or send on behalf of an Office 365 Group – Admin help“.



  1. Mike Renna

    Do you still get notices about comments this long after writing this : ) ??

    I have used this command and have found quirks with send as. In outlook 365, I can make a new email, click on from, scroll to bottom of list of addresses already set up and choose ‘other email address’ and type in an address. sending, it immediately bounces saying ‘This message could not be sent. You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of the specified user. ‘

    BUT if rather than typing the address, I click on that 2nd from button and choose the address from the GAL, it works (and so you can’t check the box hide the distribution list from the GAL).

    Any thoughts?

  2. David Sack

    According to the Microsoft link provided you cannot use the Send On Behalf of with this command.

  3. Ed

    So how does the add-recipientpermission differ from the add-mailboxpermission? If I use the add-recipientpermission, and add the trustee to the mailbox for SendAs permission, it does not show up in the ECP as a SendAs permission. But if I do a get-recipientpermission, all the permissions are correct as I set them using the above command.


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