Learn to write award winning PowerShell functions at SQL Saturday Nashville on January 13th

Interested in learning how to write PowerShell functions that follow industry standard best practices? Well, you’re in luck. I’ll be presenting a session on “Writing award winning PowerShell functions and script modules” at SQL Saturday #698 in Nashville, Tennessee on January 13th.

In addition to my session, there are a number of PowerShell sessions throughout the day so be sure to check the schedule. Here’s a little about what you can expect from my presentation:

“Transitioning from writing PowerShell one-liners and basic scripts to creating reusable PowerShell tools with advanced functions and script modules can be a daunting task and with all the different ways that you’ll find on the Internet to accomplish the same task, it can definitely seem overwhelming. During this session, we’ll demystify many of the intricacies of toolmaking while demonstrating the best practices for using parameters, parameter validation, cmdlet binding, supports should process, pipeline input, error handling, module manifests, and custom formatting.”

This will be my first time speaking (or attending) SQL Saturday Nashville, although I’ve spoken at many different SQL Saturday technology events during the past few years. This year, I’m going to try to change things up a bit by speaking at some different events as well as omitting some of the ones where I normally speak.

My session at SQL Saturday Nashville will not be recorded or live streamed. If you happen to miss it, I’ll be presenting a longer, more comprehensive and deep dive version of this session at the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2018 in April.


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