Windows Server 2016 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook – Second Edition

One of the projects that I’ve been a part of this year that’s now complete is Windows Server 2016 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook – Second Edition written by Thomas Lee and published by Packt Publishing. I personally read each and every page of the book while it was being written along with testing every single line of code in each of the recipes in the book. According to the book’s webpage on the Packt Publishing website, it has more than a hundred recipes and we’re not talking about one-liners.

While being a technical reviewer doesn’t sound like it requires a lot of effort, it was indeed a lot of work to say the least, and I would call myself more of a technical editor than reviewer.

I thought to myself early on that Thomas is either going to love me or hate me because I seriously marked up his drafts with everything under the sun. I was his human version of PSScriptAnalyzer. Thankfully, it looks like Thomas appreciated the comments more than he hated them.

The comments weren’t one sided either. Although I’ve been writing PowerShell code for a long time using what I consider to be the best practices, I learned a lot from Thomas while analyzing his code (Thomas has been writing PowerShell code since before the beginning). If you work with Windows Server 2016 and have an interest in a PowerShell Cookbook for it, definitely consider this book.

Although I provided feedback to Thomas, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of my recommendations made it into the final release copy of the book. As Jeffrey Snover says, “To ship is to choose“.

I don’t receive royalties from this book. I did however receive a free copy of it for my role as a technical reviewer.



  1. Philip

    Chapter 2: Implementing Nano Server. How is this still relevant? From what i read, after the 1709 build, nano server will be stripped of all functionality and can only be used as a container image.

    Apart from that, nice work.

  2. Thomas Lee (@doctordns)

    MIke – thanks for the kind words. You did an excellent job – and I did take your advice. Well the good advive anyway! 😉

    Philip – great question. The fast was that the chapter was written in March – long before there was any hint at the change to Nano Server. By the time the rebuild was announced the book was in effect finished. The joys of publishing printed books in the Internet age.


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