Retrieve Information about your Favorite Podcast with PowerShell

This past weekend, I attended the 2017 Atlanta MVP Community Connection. While there, I met fellow Microsoft MVP Allen Underwood who is one of the co-host of the {CodingBlocks}.NET podcast. I listened to their podcast on my trip back home from Atlanta and later discovered that their podcast has an RSS feed for episodes.

A simple PowerShell one-liner can be used to retrieve information about each episode of their podcast:

Keep in mind that a PowerShell one-liner is one continuous pipeline and not necessarily a command that’s on one physical line. Not all commands that are on one physical line are one-liners.

The code shown in the previous example requires PowerShell version 3.0 or higher. It returns a list of all of their podcast episodes:

I’ve gone ahead and selected the episodes I want to listen to as shown in blue in the previous example. Click OK and those episodes are automatically opened in your default web browser:

Anytime you’re going to be opening a web browser from PowerShell, I recommend running PowerShell non-elevated otherwise you’re bypassing UAC (User Access Control) and asking for drive by malware (any application that’s run from an elevated PowerShell session also runs elevated).



  1. Joseph Zack

    Very nice, love that grid view!

  2. Allen Underwood (@theallenu)

    That’s awesome Mike! Having not played with PowerShell myself much, it’s shocking how little code you used to create that. Amazing stuff and thanks for sharing!

  3. Mathieu Buisson

    Being a big podcast consumer, I wrote a PowerShell module for podcasts management a few years back :

    It works with all podcasts following the RSS or ATOM standard.


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