PowerShell 101 Book Update: First 3 Chapters Now Available

Another update to my new book, PowerShell 101: The No-Nonsense Beginner’s Guide to PowerShell is now available. The update which was published this morning added chapter 3 to the already available first two chapters.

](/images/2017/01/powershell101-150x194-1.png)If you’re interested in purchasing this book, consider buying it while it’s still a work in progress. The price of the book increases slightly with each chapter that’s released.

Chapter 1 of the book is available as a free sample download. There’s also a video available which demonstrates the topics covered in chapter 1.

I’ll be presenting a session that’s based on the content contained in the book at SQL Saturday Birmingham on Saturday, March 18th.

More information about the PowerShell 101 book can be found in my blog article where I announced the book.

I was honored to see that fellow Microsoft MVP, Carlo Mancini, recently published a blog article on “Ramp up your PowerShell knowledge in 2017 with these books” which recommended my PowerShell 101 book. His recommendation was unsolicited. Thank you Carlo!