Announcing a new book: PowerShell 101 – The No-Nonsense Beginner’s Guide to PowerShell

I’ve contributed, co-authored, performed technical reviews and edits on a number of PowerShell books. I also speak to a lot of beginners at user group meetings and technology events such as PowerShell Saturday’s and SQL Saturday’s. One thing I’ve found is there are still a lot of IT Pro’s out there who are reluctant to learn PowerShell and they’re often overwhelmed by information overload when they do try to learn it. What I mean by that is those of us who are fired up about going out there and educating people often open up our fire hose of knowledge which is way too much information to comprehend for someone just getting started with PowerShell. The person we’re trying to help often gives up because they’re simply not going to read a book the size of an unabridged dictionary filled with fictitious scenarios and theoretical BS written by someone who doesn’t even work in a real world production environment.

](/images/2017/01/powershell101-150x194-1.png)That’s why I decided to write another PowerShell book. You’re probably thinking “oh no, not another PowerShell book, that’s the last thing we need!”. Instead of just another PowerShell book that covers topics with fictitious scenarios, this book is more of a condensed version targeting the specific topics that I’ve found an IT Pro needs to know initially to be successful with PowerShell in a real world production environment. It’s what I wish someone would have told me when I started using PowerShell. In other words, I’m writing it for my past self.

This new book is titled “PowerShell 101: The No-Nonsense Beginner’s Guide to PowerShell” and it’s self-published on I decided to self-publish this book because a lot of the meaning of a book gets lost in translation when it goes through the traditional copy-edit process.

Only chapter 1 is available at this point in time so there is currently no difference in the free sample version and the paid version. This book is a side project so it won’t be completed overnight. My goal is to publish a new chapter at least every two weeks and complete it by the end of the year.

Go download the free sample version and provide me with some feedback.

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