Start a Blog to Build your Brand and Share your Knowledge

There are many reasons to blog. One of the main reasons that I blog is to document things for myself because if I don’t do something for six months, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll remember all of the details. Sure, maybe I have the code on GitHub, but many times there are caveats to performing some task or implementing something that wouldn’t necessarily be documented in the code itself.

While I write my blog articles as documentation for myself, sharing them publicly helps me to make sure that I’m providing enough information so that others can benefit from reading the blog articles as well.

If you’re just starting out and haven’t created a blog site yet, there are many free ones that you can choose from such as, Blogger, or GitHub Pages to name a few. I’ve been blogging on this site since 2009. I started with a free site, but luckily also started with my own domain name. I definitely recommend starting with your own domain name since it makes your site portable and you’re not tied to one hosting provider. It kind of reminds me why I never use an ISP’s email (because I don’t want to be tied to them).

Pace yourself. Commit to publishing new content on a certain schedule. I try to publish one blog article at the same time each week unless it’s something that’s time sensitive. Don’t publish a half dozen blog articles in one day and then not write anything new for six months. There’s no problem with writing all of those blog articles in one day, but schedule them to be published based on whatever schedule you choose.

Limit the scope of your blog articles. Don’t write an entire book in one blog article. Break the content up into multiple blog articles if necessary and link them together at the beginning and end of each blog article.

I’ve grown my blog site (this site) to over 600,000 hits in 2016 using some of these ideas:

My challenge for you in 2017 is to build your brand by creating a blog site and share your knowledge on it.


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