PowerShell Function to Validate Both IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

Last week, I wrote a blog article about the IP address type accelerator in PowerShell not being 100% accurate and I demonstrated using it for parameter validation. If you want to simply validate an IP Address and return a Boolean, that’s a little more complicated so I decided to write a function to perform that task along with providing detailed information about the IP address when an optional detailed parameter is specified:

The IpAddress parameter can accept one or more IP addresses. By default a Boolean is returned but specifying the detailed parameter returns more information if a valid IP address is specified. IP addresses are also accepted via pipeline input:


The Test-MrIpAddress function shown in this blog article can be downloaded from my PowerShell repository on GitHub.



  1. machinedrummer


    This will only work for compressed IPv6 addresses.
    IPv6 typed with leading zeros will be returned as invalid

    $Ip -match [IPAddress]$Ip

    IPAddressToString : fd7f:6c9:f2cc:f:f:f:f:f1

    IPAddressToString : fd7f:6c9:f2cc::f1

  2. jedgar

    # Why not use the tryparse method?

    function Test-IP {

    $ipaddrobj = [ipaddress]::Any

    # check if address is valid
    if (!([ipaddress]::TryParse($ipaddrstring, [ref]$ipaddrobj)))
    # maybe a port was specified with an ipv4 address?
    # Note that IPv6 with a port (ie [::1]:88) survives the first test above
    if (!([ipaddress]::TryParse($ipaddrstring.split(‘:’)[0], [ref]$ipaddrobj)))
    #nope still invalid
    return $false

    if ($detailed)
    return $ipaddrobj
    return $true



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