Automatically place an Android Phone on Vibrate at Work

Whether or not your place of employment requires that your cellphone be placed on silent or not while in the office, it’s simply a common courtesy to prevent interruptions and distractions to your co-workers when your twenty-seven different social media, email, phone, voicemail, and shopping applications that are installed on your phone constantly chime or play your favorite song every thirty seconds.

The problem is, who can remember to silence their phone after arriving in the office before it makes a half dozen or so of these sounds and while a half dozen notifications may not sound like a big deal compound them by a hundred or more people in the office and it has become a major problem in society, especially when your co-workers within hearing distance are on business calls with customers.

The solution is to automate the task of silencing your phone when arriving at work. On my Android phone, I use a program named “Tasker” to setup this sort of automation and it’s capable of all sorts of automation. The app is $2.99 in the Google Play store (I paid for Tasker personally and no one sponsored this blog article).

Open Tasker on your Android phone or tablet and click the “+” at the bottom of the application:


Select State:




Wifi Connected:


Enter the name of the access points you connect to at work. In the following scenario, two possible networks are available, one with the SSID of network1 and another with network2. If your employer doesn’t allow connections to their network but networks are available, you can select “Wifi Near” in the previous step. You can also optionally narrow down the scope of the wireless network by selecting specific MAC or IP addresses of the access points:


New Task:


Enter a task name. I entered “Vibrate” since that’s what mode this task will place my phone in:


Click the “+” at the bottom of the application:




Silent Mode:




The profile to automatically place your phone into vibrate mode anytime it’s connected to a wireless network with the SSID of network1 or network2 is now complete:


You’ll need to create another profile to turn the ringer of your phone back on anytime you leave work. Repeat the same process again except check the “Invert” checkbox:


Create another new task:


Name this one “Ringer” or something descriptive:


Set the mode to Off for this one instead of Vibrate (it turns silent mode off):


Be sure to save your profiles before exiting Tasker:


Once you’ve saved the profiles and exited Tasker, you’ll see an icon for Tasker in the top left corner of your phone that looks like a lightning bolt. You can also see active profiles in the notifications section of your phone or by opening the Tasker application:


This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as automating your Android phone goes.



  1. Vic Yuschuk

    Fantastic! When I read the title I thought “meh” but when I saw the actual solution I love it! I bet I’m not the only person who has a related problem that this will solve: forgetting to turn the ringer back up after leaving work so that I can hear it ring.

  2. merpenbeck

    Awesome article. I’ve been trying to learn how to do this in Tasker. Thanks.

  3. Ashley Jo Bresson

    Very helpful. Thanks for helping me create my first task

  4. Adrian

    One think I’d like to add. You can achieve the same thing with only one profile (first) by adding to it an exit task.

  5. Christopher G Baroudi

    Although extremely useful, Tasker has the ability to raise your blood pressure the first few times you try to create a profile and tasks. Thank you for the video.

  6. Rahul

    Thanks for the straight forward instructions. Even helps someone who is already familiar with Tasker.


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