PowerShell function to find information about module updates

I decided to update the one liner from my blog article last week and take it a step further by turning it into a reusable tool that displays information about module updates that are available regardless of where they were installed from.


As shown in the previous results, the function lists modules that have updates available regardless of where they were originally installed from. It also lists the installed version and location along with the repository where the updated version resides and the updated version number. It also lists where the module was originally installed from by reading the contents of the hidden XML file in the module directory if it was installed using PowerShellGet.

You can narrow your search down to specific modules:


To a specific scope:


Use a combination of specific modules and scope to narrow the search down even further:


The function also uses custom formatting to allow for table output with more than four columns by default without having to pipe to Format-Table. The relevant portion of the PS1XML file used for the custom formatting is shown in the code example below:

The Find-MrModuleUpdate function shown in this blog article is part of my MrToolkit module which can be downloaded from my PowerShell repository on GitHub.


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  1. John Kavanagh

    Thank you for yet another great contribution to the community!


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