Learn PowerShell Desired State Configuration from the Trenches this weekend at SQL Saturday Pensacola 2016

I’m presenting a session on PowerShell Desired State Configuration from the Trenches this weekend at SQL Saturday #491 in Pensacola.


There are lots of things to consider when configuring systems in your on-premises datacenters with Desired State Configuration depending on what the state of your current environment is, whether or not DSC will be configured to apply and monitor or apply and autocorrect configuration drift, and whether or not you’ll be using push or pull configuration mode. During this session, PowerShell MVP Mike F Robbins will share his lessons learned while configuring both physical and virtual production systems in multiple datacenters with DSC during a recent hardware and software refresh cycle. We’ll briefly discuss writing configurations, applying configurations via push and pull mode, and we’ll have a quick discussion about DSC resources. You’ll leave this session with the basic concepts of the end-to-end process. Prior experience with PowerShell is recommended.

My session begins at 3pm in room 1774 at the main campus of Pensacola State College. Be sure to check the event schedule for any schedule changes between now and then.

The slide deck and demo code will be posted in my presentations repository on GitHub prior to the session in case anyone wants to follow along during the presentation.


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