Video: PowerShell Toolmaking with Advanced Functions and Script Modules

I presented a session on PowerShell Toolmaking with Advanced Functions and Script Modules this past weekend at SQL Saturday #521 in Atlanta. I decided to make an attempt to record my session which was presented live in front of a packed room full of attendees:


The recording turned out very well considering I used the built-in laptop microphone and I moved around during my presentation. The audio levels have been tweaked because they were often too low depending on how far away I was from the computer at any given point in time during the presentation. The video is now available:

The slide deck and demo code can be downloaded from my presentations repository on GitHub.

I’ll be presenting “PowerShell Desired State Configuration from the Trenches” at SQL Saturday #491 in Pensacola Florida on June 4th and “Building Unconventional SQL Server Tools in PowerShell” at SQL Saturday #498 in Chattanooga Tennessee on June 25th.