A Rant about some Blogs, Magazine Articles, Books, Training Videos, Presentations, Etc

<Begin Rant> I find it funny, yet sad that I often see blogs, magazine articles, books, training videos, presentations, etc where the author says something to the effect of “Never do <fill in the blank>”. Then they proceed by doing exactly what they just said not to do like four-hundred times throughout their book, blog, etc. and when asked about it, the author says “Oh, that’s only acceptable for demonstration purposes”.

I also see this in the form of an author saying something to the effect of “You can do everything with <fill in the technology>” and then they proceed by saying “Hold on for a second while I prep my demo by pointing and clicking in the GUI (Graphical User Interface) or some technology other than what they said you could do everything in”.

Like I said, this is sad yet funny because people who are new to something often learn much like children do which is by following examples, not necessarily by what the author is saying. If you’re going to make a statement, practice what you preach and perform tasks as if your job depended on them even if it’s only for demonstration purposes because some of your audience’s jobs may very well depend on what they learn from you. </End Rant>


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  1. Richard

    It’s what is bothering me with seeing some demo’s of DSC pull servers. A lot of these demo’s go into that it’s important to setup a https connection to your pull server; but all you see is http connections. “It’s a lab, it’s ok to do it.” But this defeats the purpose of the demo I think. A demo should show the way you should do it in production.


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