Central Texas PowerShell User Group Meeting Tonight!

This evening at 6pm central time, I’ll be presenting a session on “DRY: Create Dynamic Reusable Tools in PowerShell with Advanced Functions” for the Central Texas PowerShell User Group. You can signup and find out more details about this presentation here.

Here’s what to expect from the session:

“Bad habits never die. Writing the same PowerShell code over and over again with static values is no different than pointing and clicking in the GUI performing the same task over and over again. It’s redundant and there’s a better way! DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). During this session PowerShell MVP Mike F Robbins will demonstrate how to create a reusable tool in PowerShell using an advanced function. The focus of this session will be writing advanced functions to maximum code reusability by minimizing static values. We’ll briefly discuss comment based help, parameters, parameter validation, pipeline input, and error handling. Prior experience with PowerShell is recommended.”

I’ll edit this blog article and post a link to the code and slide deck within a day or so after the presentation. Also, if you’re planning to attend this meeting, you need to RSVP here.

Update: The presentation materials including the code and slide deck can be downloaded from here.