DSC session at Atlanta TechStravaganza one week from today!

Have you seen the awesome lineup of speakers and sessions for Atlanta TechStravaganza this year? Mark Minasi is the keynote speaker and there’s an all day dedicated PowerShell track where Ed (The Scripting Guy) Wilson will be presenting along with several PowerShell MVP’s including Stephen Owen, and me (of course).

My presentation is on “Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration in your On-Premises Datacenter” and I’ll share the initial slide of my slide deck that I created exclusively for my presentation at that event:


Here’s what you can expect from my session:

“DSC is a new management platform in PowerShell which was introduced with WMF 4.0 that allows for the declarative configuration of systems. Interested in DSC (Desired State Configuration) but not sure how it aligns with performing configuration management of the systems in your on-premises datacenter? During this presentation, PowerShell MVP Mike F Robbins will demonstrate an overview of DSC to include writing configurations, applying configurations via push and pull mode, and we’ll have a quick discussion about DSC resources. You’ll leave this session with the basic concepts of the end-to-end process. This is a beginner level DSC session, but prior experience with PowerShell is recommended."

My presentation is also all based on what I’ve used DSC for in an on-premises production environment which means that it’s based on the features available in PowerShell version 4.

I hope to see you in my session at Atlanta TechStravaganza next Friday, August 21st. I’ll be in the PowerShell track all day! By the way, the code and slides from my presentation will be posted on this blog site within a few days after the event.

Update The code and slides from this presentation can be downloaded here. The functions that are part of my DSC toolkit can be downloaded from my DSC repository on GitHub.