Presentation materials from the highest rated PowerShell session at SharePoint Saturday Nashville

This past Saturday, I presented a session titled “PS C:\> Get-Started -With ‘PowerShell for SharePoint’” at SharePoint Saturday Nashville and I’m happy to say that it was the highest rated PowerShell session of the event! How do I know this? Because it was the only PowerShell session of the event :-).

The code and slides that I used during my presentation can be downloaded from here. There are multiple scripts included in the zip file and only portions of each one was used during the actual demo.


Here’s a list of the items from the “Resources” slide that was shown towards the end of my presentation that I recommended if you’re interested in learning more about PowerShell:

Microsoft Virtual Academy
User Groups
Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog
PowerShell Magazine
Blogs (See the blogroll in the left column for my recommended blog sites)


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  1. jmwills

    Thanks for the GREAT session and the ability to download the notes. Your hard work is certainly appreciated.


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