Learn how to Get-Started with PowerShell at SharePoint Saturday Nashville on Saturday June 6th

Know anyone who is interested in PowerShell but not sure how to Get-Started? I’m presenting a beginner session at SharePoint Saturday Nashville on Saturday, June 6th.

Not a SharePoint person? Regardless of whether you’re a SharePoint person or not, the basic fundamentals of PowerShell are the same so most of my session will apply even if you’re not a SharePoint person.


Don’t have time to learn PowerShell? I hear a lot of people say that they just don’t have time to learn PowerShell. Those are the same people you’ll see in pictures floating around the Internet who are pushing something around with square wheels on it and saying “We don’t have time” to learn about round wheels. For an IT Pro, pointing and clicking in the GUI is effectively pushing something around with square wheels on it (not very efficient).

How do you havspsnashville1ae time to get so much accomplished? A lot of people ask me how I have time to do everything I accomplish. My secret to getting a lot accomplished is that I roll out of bed early instead of sleeping half the day away. Speaking of getting up early, if you want to Get-Started on the path to learning PowerShell by attending my session at SharePoint Saturday Nashville, you’ll need to roll out of bed early as well since my presentation is in the first time slot of the day beginning at 8am central time.

Do you have a career or a job? That’s your decision: If sleeping in on a Saturday morning is more important to you, then you probably have a job, but if rolling out of bed early on a Saturday morning to learn PowerShell is more important, then you probably have a career.


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  1. jmwills

    This session is the main reason I’m coming!


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