Free eBook on PowerShell Advanced Functions

Recently, a team of independent bloggers who are active in the PowerShell community teamed up to bring you a series of blog articles on advanced functions via an experiment called PowerShell blog week.

Those blog articles have now been complied into a free eBook and are downloadable in all of the popular eBook formats. A zip file containing the PDF, MOBI, EPUB, and AZW3 formats can be downloaded from here.


Prefer to read the PowerShell Blog Week articles online instead of downloading the free eBook? The following is a list of all of the authors and links to their PSBlogWeek articles:

NamePSBlogWeek Article
Francois-Xavier CatStandard and Advanced PowerShell functions
Mike F RobbinsPowerShell Advanced Functions: Can we build them better? With parameter validation, yes we can!
Adam Bertram#PSBlogWeek – Dynamic Parameters and Parameter Validation
Jeffery HicksPowerShell Blogging Week: Supporting WhatIf and Confirm
June BlenderAdvanced Help for Advanced Functions – #PSBlogWeek
Boe ProxA Look at Try/Catch in PowerShell

If you enjoyed the PowerShell blog week articles and/or this eBook and like the idea of having a series of blog articles written on a common theme from members of the PowerShell community, let us know as that may help us decide whether or not to continue with additional topics in the future.

If you’re an active PowerShell blogger and you’re interested in participating in a future PowerShell blog week, let us know that as well.


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