The mother of all PowerShell blogs week is coming next week!

Next week, beginning on Monday March 30th, a group of PowerShell MVP’s and/or enthusiasts who write PowerShell related blog articles on a consistent basis will team up to publish a week long series of blog articles on their sites or the site where they blog at.

This isn’t a spoiler alert so I’m pleading the fifth when it comes to the details of those blog articles, but based on what the team has already made public, I can tell you that they’re all on one central topic and that topic is PowerShell advanced functions.

Here’s a list of the bloggers who are involved, their Twitter handles, and their blog sites:

You can also see their tweets on the PSBlogWeek Twitter list that I’ve created.

If you’re not already following them on twitter and their blog sites, you should be. Their blogs contain some of the best free PowerShell content that you’ll find anywhere .