Awarded the SAPIEN MVP Award by SAPIEN Technologies, Inc

I received notification earlier this week that I’ve been awarded the SAPIEN MVP award for 2015 by SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.


As many of you know, I co-authored SAPIEN’s Windows PowerShell TFM 4th Edition which is one of the few books on the market that covers PowerShell version 4.


I was one of the beta testers for PowerShell Studio 2014. Since I had early access to the product, it only made sense to write a chapter about that product in the new Windows PowerShell TFM book.


What many of you may not know is that I represented SAPIEN Technologies at numerous technology events throughout the southeast United States for the past couple of years.

One of the tasks that PowerShell Studio makes super easy is creating a GUI on top of your PowerShell code. I presented a session on that topic “GUI Toolmaking with PowerShell” at PowerShell Saturday 005 in Atlanta. Several months later, I ran into an attendee of that session who made the comment that he thought I knew everything about PowerShell Studio based on my presentation. I certainly don’t, but I took that as a huge compliment.

I was a beta tester of SAPIEN’s WMI Explorer 2014 product and it’s briefly mentioned in the book as well.


I also assisted with their iPowerShell Pro product by providing SAPIEN with some PowerShell Web Access support along with being a beta tester of the product.


Needless to say that I’m proud to be a SAPIEN MVP. Based on a blog article published on their website, it appears that I’m one of only four people who currently hold this title. It also states they they are still accepting applications for the 2015 SAPIEN MVP award.


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  1. June Blender (@juneb_get_help)

    Congratulations, Mike! We really appreciate your contributions!
    — June Blender, Technology Evangelist, SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.


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