Presenting for the Singapore PowerShell User Group PowerBreakfast 007: What’s New in PowerShell Version 5

I’ll be presenting a session on “What’s New in PowerShell Version 5” for the Singapore PowerShell User Group’s PowerBreakfast #007 this Saturday, December 13th beginning at 8:30am (Singapore time). Sign up on Eventbrite if you’re interested in attending this event.

Here’s what you can expect from this presentation:

With PowerShell version 4 being announced at TechEd last year (2013) and several preview versions of PowerShell version 5 already being released this year, it shows how committed Microsoft is to PowerShell and that it’s not going away any time soon which is why you can’t afford to ignore PowerShell or put off learning it any longer. During this presentation, scripting games winner Mike F Robbins will demonstrate an overview of many of the new PowerShell features that are part of the WMF (Windows Management Framework) 5.0 Preview. Note: Since this session is based off of a preview version, everything is subject to change in the final release version.