My New Book: Windows PowerShell TFM 4th Edition is now Available!

If you work with technology then I’m sure you’re already aware that PowerShell is one of those technologies that is quickly becoming a must have skill. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who is looking to become more proficient with PowerShell, there’s a new book on the market that is an all in one learning guide, lab guide, and PowerShell reference.

I’m happy to say that I’m proud to be part of the Superhero team at SAPIEN Technologies who is bringing you the Windows PowerShell TFM 4th Edition book:


If you’re a frequent reader of the blog articles on this site, then you know that I’m a hands-on technology professional who uses PowerShell daily in a real world production environment. Jason Helmick, my co-author is a highly successful IT author, columnist, lecturer, and instructor. For the readers of our book, that means you’ll gain valuable insight on how PowerShell works in the real world without sacrificing the structure that you would expect from a professional instructor. Sound interesting? The book can be purchased directly from SAPIEN Technologies or on



  1. svangulick

    I actually bought the book yesterday. Looking forward to read it. Great job!

  2. theotherkidd

    Just bought my copy as well. Thanks for all you do for the PowerShell community

  3. Dmitrii Lobanov

    Hi! No e-book version? Only printed?


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