Using PowerShell to discover information about your Microsoft SQL Servers

Earlier this week, I had an article published by PowerShell Magazine on the subject of “Using PowerShell to discover information about your Microsoft SQL Servers”.

Here’s a brief description about that article:

“In this article, I’ll be discussing how PowerShell can be used to retrieve just about any information that you would want to know about modern versions of SQL Server that you currently have running in your environment. This article isn’t meant to be a deep dive, it’s meant to get you started thinking about how you could write your own PowerShell code to retrieve the specific information that you’re looking for from your SQL Servers."

If you’re interested in learning more about PowerShell or SQL Server and live in the southeastern portion of the United States, I’d like to invite you to attend SQL Saturday #324 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Saturday, August 2nd and/or SQL Saturday #328 in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday, August 23rd. I’m presenting two PowerShell sessions at each of those events.