You Know You’re a PowerShell Evangelist when Vendors you don’t even Work for Refer People to You

Have a conversation with me and two subjects will almost always come up. One is PowerShell and the other is Server Core installation (no GUI) on Windows Servers. People even make fun of me because of it. Call me a nerd and I’ll reply: “and proud of it”.

What comes around goes around. I recently had a technology vendor that my employer hired for some assistance start referring people back to me who were interested in PowerShell. I thought that was pretty cool and if I wasn’t so much of an evangelist about PowerShell, that vendor would have never known to start referring those people to me.

Come to find out, the guys who were referred to me have been using PowerShell internally at their company for about four years so it sounds like I may have some new members for the Mississippi PowerShell User Group :-).


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