Less than one week left before Registration closes for the PowerShell Summit North America 2014!

I attended the PowerShell Summit North America 2013 last year so I speak from experience when I say that the PowerShell Summit North America 2014 is a conference that you don’t want to miss and it’s the best value that you’ll find in a PowerShell related conference this year <period>.


Last year the Summit was smaller with a very limited number of tickets available which sold out well before the end of 2012 and there were a lot of people who missed out.

Well, this year you’re in luck, they’ve moved the conference to a different location in the Seattle area to allow for more attendees and an additional track, but still kept the cost minimized and it’s close enough to the Microsoft campus to have access to the PowerShell team, many of which are speaking at the Summit (I saw Bruce Payette speak last year).

At last years Summit, PowerShell version 3 was the most current release. Since then, PowerShell version 4 has been released and is now the mainstream version of PowerShell. The recent announcement of another new version of PowerShell (version 5) and a preview version of it already being available shows how serious and committed that Microsoft is about PowerShell.

For more information, head on over to the PowerShell.org website and take a look at these pages: “ONE WEEK LEFT TO REGISTER: PowerShell Summit N.A. 2014 & Precon” and “PowerShell Summit North America“.


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