Where and Foreach Methods in PowerShell version 4

It’s a little over a month until Microsoft TechEd North America 2014 which is in Houston this year. I was trying to remember the cool stuff I saw at TechEd last year and Desired State Configuration along with the announcement about PowerShell version 4 were the two big things I remember, but let’s not forget about some of the other things such as the new Where and Foreach methods.

I certainly don’t claim to be an expert with these, but I’m going to provide a couple of examples for documentation for myself as well as to get you thinking about them:

The Where method:


The Foreach method:


My first thought is the syntax seems to be insane, but I remember thinking the same thing years ago when I first saw the curly brace dollar sign underscore and so on: {$_.property}.

By the way, I’ll be at TechEd again this year and you probably know where you’ll find me (In the PowerShell sessions :-))


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  1. asdf

    The syntax for foreach is actually $foo.ForEach({}, param1, … paramN). params gets passed to the scriptblock in $args.

    The syntax for where is actually $foo.Where({}, [System.Management.Automation.WhereOperatorSelectionMode]mode, [int]limit)

    0 Default
    1 First
    2 Last
    3 SkipUntil
    4 Until
    5 Split

    Powershell actually allows the {} syntax on all methods that take a single scriptblock parameter. e.g. $foo.bar({}) == $foo.bar{}


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